Rebates & Incentives

Get up to $5000 back with Ontario's Home Efficiency Rebate Program

The Home Efficiency Rebate can help homeowners counterbalance the costs associated with upgrading to energy-efficient home improvements. Before you begin your renovations, make sure to book a home energy assessment with a Registered Energy Advisor. Your advisor will walk you through every rebate that your home qualifies for, including the following bonus rebates.


Receive $150          Receive $500          Receive $750

                                              Install 3                      Install 5                      Install 7          

                                           Upgrades                   Upgrades                  Upgrades


      Complete at least 2 upgrades to qualify for rebates.

Energy Assessment                

The final rebate cheque will include a reimbursement of $550 for the initial and follow-up energy assessments.

Insulation & Air Sealing

Eligible rebates include: Exterior Wall ($3000), Attic ($650), Basement ($1250), Air Sealing ($150) Receive a $500 bonus if 100% of exterior wall insultation is achieved.              

Heating Systems

Eligible rebates include: Furnace w/ AFUE rating of 96% or higher ($250), Boiler ($1000)

Water Heaters

Installing ENERGY STAR certified appliances ($400)

Windows & Doors

Installing ENERGY STAR certified Windows/Doors/Skylights ($40/each)

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